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Websites come in all shapes and sizes so you won’t find any one size fits all solutions here. When undertaking a new website I make a point of discussing the goals of a project with you whilst researching its feasibility; building a website for the sake of having a website isn’t a viable business strategy. You need to have quantifiable goals, your website needs a plan.

The web development projects I’ve completed previously are as wide-ranging as my previous clients, from sole traders to companies listed on the London Stock Exchange if there is a task I think I can add value to, I’m very keen to get involved.

A brief overview of my web development services is listed below:

  • Front End Development
  • Static Site Development
  • CMS Driven Web Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Only Websites
  • Single Page Websites
  • Web Animation
  • Animated Infographics
  • Dynamic Data Feeds

If you need any sort of website building please get in touch. I’m happy to advise you on your projects.

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Responsive Design

We’re living in an age of rapid growth in the number of users accessing the web using mobile and tablet devices. Silicon Valley venture capital firm KPCB reported in their 2014 internet trends survey that over a quarter of all internet access is now done on mobile devices, this number will only continue to rise year on year.

One of the fastest ways to lose business online is having a website that is a desktop only experience. Not only have Google started penalising companies who do not have a mobile friendly site in their mobile search results, it is likely that you could be losing over a quarter of your potential customers, simply because they discovered your website on their smartphone rather than their laptop.

Fortunately, responsive design provides the tools to build a website that offers a great user experience from smartphones up to ultrawide monitors. I can build you a website that dynamically updates the positioning and design of your content depending the user’s device screen size, and ensure that all visitors to your site will have a frustration free visit.

Do you want to know if your current website is responsive? Google offer a free mobile test page to check this, if your result is a red notice reading “Not mobile-friendly” get in touch and I can provide you with a free review on how we can make your website mobile friendly.

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Email Development

Mailing lists and email marketing are fantastic ways to keep in touch with your customers and drive traffic to your website. They’re cost-effective compared to traditional leaflet campaigns and by making use of modern email services such as MailChimp you are able to objectively see how many people actually read your marketing copy. Whereas if you post a leaflet through the door you have no way of knowing if it goes instantly in the recycling or not.

I’m able to develop mobile friendly email designs that load consistently across all major email clients, from Microsoft Outlook to Apple Mail. If you’d like to discuss the benefits of keeping in touch with your customers by email, please contact me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Website Speed Optimisation

Sometimes an attractive website with excellent content isn’t enough; slow loading websites kill conversions. Analytics compiled by found that 1 in 4 users will simply leave your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. These immediate departures don't only mean you’ve lost 25% of your potential customers before you’ve had a chance to sell them a product, but they also negatively impact your search engine results due to the high bounce rate*. Further to this, Google have directly stated that slow performing websites will be penalised in their search results by default.

Internet giants such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Mozilla have all done independent studies into the benefits of page speed and all found that they increased their user engagement by decreasing their website’s loading time -- even shaving milliseconds of loading times positively impacted the business. This, of course, means that delaying your users can negatively impact your business. Amazon calculated that if their website were to slow down by 1 second revenue would drop by $1.6 billion and Google found that a delay of just 400 milliseconds lost them 8 million searches per day!

If you feel that your website could benefit from a boost please get in touch. I’d be happy to offer a free analysis of your website and how we can speed it up.

*Visitors immediately leaving your website without interacting with it in any way. Discuss your project

Website and Email Hosting

A great website is worthless if it’s offline. That’s why choosing a reliable web and email hosting provider is so important. A website with uptime issues is ignored by users and will suffer in search engines should Google or anyone else have trouble accessing your site. I offer reliable website and email hosting using top of the line, UK based, Dell servers boasting a minimum of 99.9% uptime.

I’m happy to manage the every step of getting you online, I can acquire your domain name, configure your website and set up any custom email addresses you need. In addition to this, I will provide you with access to an industry standard server control panel (cPanel) for your site should you wish to configure anything yourself.

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